Most popular casino games in Macedonia

Most casinos in Macedonia offer roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, and craps as their main games, as these are the most popular. Let us take a more in-depth look at these games:


There are three types of roulette: British, French, and American. These variations have small differences, and you can pretty much learn how to play one if you know how to play the other. The game involves predicting where a little white ball will rest after spinning the rim of a roulette wheel.

The ball can circle for as many as 40 revolutions, and in some cases, it will loop for as few as four. The middle bit with the slots spins continuously in the other direction. When the ball and this bit collide, the ball bounces randomly and eventually rests in a slot that has a number. The person who chose this number wins the game. It is that simple. The odds payouts depend on the different number selections.

Playing this game brings out tempers in many players and features a lot of cheering and swearing, making it a fast-paced game. If you want to make the most out of this game, you should start slow and improve your aggression over time.


This popular table game is exciting and offers you the chance to cut the house edge down to nothing if you do your homework. Playing involves placing a bet such as €10 before the dealer hands you two cards and keeps one. The cards dealt to you are face-up, and your goal is to ensure that your cards total more than the dealer’s.

The amount should not be over 21, as this will forfeit your bet. You can keep asking for more cards, after which the dealer will add more cards to their hand. They must draw a card if their total is less than 17, and once they reach 17 or more, they stop. If they have over 21, the player wins.

If your sum is higher than that of the dealer, or the dealer has more than 21, you get a payout at even odds. That means that you get an amount that is equal to your bet. The idea here is to be close to 21 or reach it, regardless of the variation you play. The basic strategies in this game are card location, shuffle tracking, and card counting.

Casino stud poker

Anyone who wants to get close to the action can try this casino-dealer dealt table game where you go against the house with real poker hands. All players get dealt five cards facing down, and the dealer gets four cards facing down and one facing up. Before players get their hands on their cards, they have an ante bet. If they wish to play against the dealer’s hand, they must raise the bet to twice the value of the ante. Failure to do this means that they forfeit the ante.

Dealers play against the player when they have a qualifying hand or better, which is often more than half the time. Where the player makes the raise, and the dealer qualifies, the game becomes a showdown of who will have the best poker hand. Where the dealer wins, they take three units, and if the player wins, they take three units or a bonus payout. The latter option works where the player has a strong hand, which is better than one pair.

Bluffing in this game is not a good idea, and it could cost you dearly. If your cards do not work for you, you should quit while you’re ahead.

Baccarat Punto Banco

There are many variations of this game across the globe whose rules are quite similar to the mother game. Punto Banco is a version of baccarat and is what most casinos offer. Most people refer to it as just baccarat. Other variations include Baccarat en Banque and Chemin de Fer. For the modifications, players have choices, unlike in the main game where they do not.

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Best poker casinos in Macedonia

Macedonia laws state that playing in a physical casino is legal, provided the establishment has a license allowing it to take part in such activities. However, playing in an online casino is quite tricky, given that the government wishes to establish a monopoly over the industry.

The government announced that it would penetrate this industry but is yet to do so. It has not made any strides regarding this but will not issue licenses to online gaming companies that wish to operate in Macedonia.

As a result, Macedonians have to play in external sites that accept players from their country.

Casino selection

Selecting a casino that can cater to your gambling needs is not as easy as it may seem. You have to consider a few factors to ensure that you get the most out of your investment and do not get swindled.

First, you have to consider your location. Take an example of a country like Macedonia, where online gaming laws are quite complicated. In this case, citizens have to look for platforms that allow people from their countries to participate. We will touch on some of these platforms later. Also, you have to look into your chosen platform’s reputation, as it could inform the legitimacy of payouts.

You will find that some casinos tell you that you have to play a certain amount of your winnings before you can cash out or have ridiculous withdrawal limits. Others stall the cashing out for weeks or even months while looking for means through which they can keep you from getting hold of your money.

Secondly, you have to look into the licensing, as you do not want to be on the wrong side of the law. The physical sites that we will outline in this article have the necessary licensing and can operate in Macedonia. The online sites also have licenses. This aspect of regulation is crucial because it protects you as the consumer.

If a dispute arises regarding your payout, you can count on the regulator to look into the issue.

It also helps to look at the casino revenue with regard to your bankroll. If you win much more than the casino can pay you, the establishment could go bankrupt, and you would lose your chances of getting a huge payout. You should also look into the withdrawal limits.

Finally, you should consider the variety of games, language used, the professionalism of the support staff, user experiences, and the possibility of bonuses. Deposit and withdrawal options also matter.

Land-based casinos

Macedonia is home to some of the best land-based casinos you will come across in the world. They include the following:

Hotel Epinal and Le Grand Casino

This casino has a minimum gaming age of 18 and features optional membership to its players. The minimum buy-in is €50, which players exchange at the entrance with gaming chips. Players must carry their IDs and dress in smart or casual wear and should have euro currencies on them.

The games available include live table games, poker, single-deck blackjack, baccarat, jackpot slots, and video machines.

Apollonia casino

This establishment has a minimum gaming age of 18 and also features optional membership. Members are required to wear smart or casual clothes and carry their IDs and currencies in euro form. Games available include American Roulette, Oasis Poker, Texas Hold Em, Jackpot slots, and blackjack.

Metropol Lake Resort and casino

Anyone above 18 can play at this casino provided they wear smart or casual dress code and carry euros with them.

Membership is optional, and players can participate in jackpot slots, American roulette, live table games, Caribbean poker, blackjack, Texas Holdem Poker, and video machines.

Other land-based casinos include Casino 23, Legrand Casino, Viva Casino, and Casino Dojran.

Online platforms

If you would rather enjoy a game from your home’s comfort, you have quite many options available to you as follows:


This gaming platform features a wide variety of live games and accepts players from almost all states, offering a wide range in bets. The live casino allows you to participate in blackjack, poker, and baccarat, among hundreds of live games. Players can choose whether they want to go for low, medium, or high limits.

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Bitcoin gambling in Macedonia

Even though bitcoin has been in play for a few years, there is a lot of misinformation regarding how it works, more so in gambling.

This piece will cover what bitcoin gambling is all about and the laws applicable to the same in Macedonia. We will also look into which sites you can rely on when using bitcoin as your currency when placing wagers.

Bitcoin gambling

Bitcoin has come a long way, and those who invested in it in the early days have reaped quite a lot in the years that have followed. Many people are now looking into investing in cryptocurrencies, having seen how first they can rise in value within a short time. They are also interested in the benefits of using such currencies, given that they are free from government regulations.

Online gaming operators have been some of the interested parties in using bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies.

This digital currency does not require physical items such as bills or coins, and is available digitally, making it easy to use in online platforms. Also, it is decentralized, such that users get to enjoy anonymity and transparency, unlike with Fiat currency.

You can use Bitcoin in various games, and many online casino operators have made this possible. For example, you can play poker from the comfort of your home and phone without divulging your personal information.

This kind of gambling comes with many advantages that you cannot get when using conventional modes of payment. Given the current state of online gambling in Macedonia and the possibility of the government having a monopoly over such gaming, privacy has become an important aspect.

Using bitcoins allows you to remain anonymous as you do not have to go through lengthy procedures when creating an account. Most sites that accept this currency do not ask for anything other than an email address or some other form of identification for your registration. You can get started on playing and enjoying your winnings almost immediately. Plus, it will be much harder for the government to track your movements when you’re not using Fiat currency.

There’s also the issue of speed in that you can make your deposits and withdrawals much faster than you would when using traditional payment options such as wire transfers and credit cards. You get to forgo the days you would have spent waiting for your money, and you can use it almost as soon as you win it. Also, there is the advantage of low transaction fees, which are even non-existent in some cases. Site operators are even likely to give you better odds and lower margins when you use this digital currency.

Additionally, you benefit from more promotions and added security. The fact that you can enjoy your earnings without paying taxes is the icing on this cake.

Of course, this kind of gambling comes with some disadvantages. These include uncertainty, volatility, the probability of getting hacked, and the need to remain tech-savvy. Once you learn how to navigate these problems, you end up making more out of your wins.

Process of Bitcoin gambling

Using bitcoin is as easy as following a few simple steps which come naturally after a few tries. The first involves getting some coin, in that you have to open a wallet and fund it.

The good news is that most online platforms allow you to use conventional means of payment to buy the coin. The next lies in finding a reliable gambling operator who is open to using coin and making a deposit on the site. Withdrawing should be just as easy.


The online gaming industry in Macedonia is quite complicated as the government works on monopolizing the industry. Authorities are not open to offering licenses to any online gaming companies that wish to operate in the country. Players have to rely on external sites to engage in any online wagering.

At present, there are no Macedonian laws that apply to bitcoin gambling. Players can make deposits in the following sites:


1XBET Casino logoThis site has a wonderful selection of live games and accepts players from almost any part of the world, including Macedonia. It offers a ton of bonuses to new and existing players. To make a deposit, all you do is create an account and add funds using the more than 150 payment options available.


Casino Betchan logo
This relatively new online casino works great for players who wish to use bitcoins, and also provides options for traditional payment methods. You can make deposits straight to the company wallet, and withdrawals take an average of two hours to complete.

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Top online casinos with welcome bonus

When looking for a casino to join, players often have their eyes on the casino welcome bonuses. And this is not for naught, as many benefits accrue from getting such a bonus. Players get to save money, and can even wager what they did not have in the first place, allowing them to increase their chances of winning.

Casinos realize that players are more likely to sign up on their sites if they offer such rewards. And if you look at their gambling market today, you will find that most sites have some promotion or bonus geared towards attracting new users.

Should you target the bonus?

With so many casinos offering rewards to new customers, you can get caught up in all of the numbers and forget that these rewards are not without some terms and conditions. Everything has a price, and with casino bonuses, you have to be aware of the wagering requirements. Some of these can be so stringent that you end up getting nothing out of the reward. Understanding the kind of reward you are eligible for goes a long way in helping you make the most out of your win.

There is the deposit option, which you get after you make a deposit on the site, as long as it matches the requirements. For example, the site may require that you deposit up to 10 Euros, for you to get a 200% bonus. You would end up with thirty Euros as a result.

The other option is the free spin promotion, which applies to specific games. Some sites may allow you to have free spins even without making a deposit, enabling you to test the site without investing any money. Others will require that you make a deposit, after which they give you free spins and probably a welcome bonus.

There is no deposit option, for which you get money to play in the casino even without making a deposit. For example, you can sign up on a site and end up with €10, which you can use in any casino game. These rewards are often also available to existing players to keep them glued to the site and avert their eyes from the competition.

And finally, there’s the free play option, where you get play money to spend on the site within a given time frame. You can make money from this, provided you adhere to the terms and conditions.
Note that you have to understand the wagering requirements; else, you will not get the reward.

Also, you have to invest in a reputable casino to avoid getting swindled, as some sites are not genuine.

Bitcoin gambling in Macedonia

Best sites


Nostalgia casino logoThis reputable site requires that you make a minimum deposit of $1, and it will match you to the range of 2000 percent up to $20.

The maximum bet starts at 24% of the starting bonus value, and the wagering requirements are 60 times the value of the reward. It is only available to new players, who get it immediately after meeting the terms and conditions.


Spinfinity casino logo
Another reputable site you can count on is this, which calls for a minimum deposit of $10, and matches you at a rate of 500% up to 5000 Euros.

The maximum bet is $10, with wagering requirements of up to 50 times the value of the bonus and the deposit.

Note that when you rollover the bonus, the initial value gets deducted. This reward is only available to new players who make deposits via Bitcoin.

King Billy

King Billy casino logo
This casino offers a first deposit bonus of up to 151% for sums up to $500, and 200 extra spins valued at $0.1 for every spin. The minimum deposit is $10 with wagering requirements of up to 27 times the bonus value. The maximum bet is $10 with live table games contributing to wagering requirements in the tunes of 5%. Only new players are eligible to get this.

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Gambling regulators in Macedonia

Macedonia, known as the Republic of Macedonia, lies in the Balkan Peninsula in southeast Europe. It shares closed borders with Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Albania, and is a successor state of former Yugoslavia, having declared independence in 1991.

Its capital, Skopje, is home to about 600 thousand people, who make up approximately a quarter of the country’s population. This article will cover gambling regulations in this country, allowing you to gamble while keeping the laws in mind.

The good news for gamblers is that gambling in Macedonia is legal and falls under government regulations. You will find several casinos in the country, most of which operate in the capital city. They offer games such as slots, roulette, and poker, creating diverse options for the market. Participating in these top casino games would be in line with government directives.

Online gaming, however, is not subject to government regulations as of yet. The government announced back in 2014 that it had plans to make online gambling a state Monopoly. Along with this announcement, the government made it clear that it had plans to block all offshore gambling websites.

The government has worked with casino Austria, an Austrian gaming corporation, in creating a local online gaming network. That does not mean that other online gaming networks are not in place, as regulations on these are yet to come into effect. Macedonians can access online gaming even from foreign sites. The future of gambling in this country is not entirely clear at the moment. Let us look into different kinds of gambling and what laws apply to them:


Playing in physical casinos is legal and falls under government regulations, given that these establishments have the necessary licenses from the authorities. Most of the casinos are in the capital city, offering games such as roulette, blackjack, slot machines, and poker.

As we covered earlier, there are plans to make online gambling a state Monopoly, but this has not come into effect. As a result, Macedonians are free to place wagers in online casinos across the globe, as long as those sites accept players from Macedonia. Finding a website that is open to Macedonian players is not an uphill task, and there are many promotions in play for new users.


It’s good news for bingo players. Whether you are playing in a bingo hall or playing in an online space, you do so, adhering to Macedonian rules.

Government regulations state that participating in bingo games is legal. Even with that, the authorities have been adamant in their goal of banning all online bingo sites. Since they are yet to put such laws into place, bingo players are free to participate in such games on sites operating worldwide.


You do not have to go online to enjoy a good Poker game, as there are many land-based casinos in the country offering this option. However, if you want to enjoy a game from your home’s comfort, you will have to rely on online poker platforms operating on offshore sites. Online gambling is unregulated. As such, any company that wants to open an online poker platform in Macedonia cannot do so as it will not get a license for this.

Players have to rely on foreign websites, hoping that the government does not make good its promise to monopolize online poker. For now, poker players can take advantage of the many sites that accept players from Macedonia, taking advantage of the bonuses that accrue from this.

Sports betting

Betting on sports is not only popular but also legal in the country, and gamblers have no problem finding bookmakers. Many land-based bookmakers operate with different companies that offer a variation in odds, giving the players a range in choices.

If you want to take your fun to another level by participating in online sports betting, you will have to do so on foreign sites. At present, there are no regulations as to online Sports betting.

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