Gambling regulators in Macedonia

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Macedonia, known as the Republic of Macedonia, lies in the Balkan Peninsula in southeast Europe. It shares closed borders with Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Albania, and is a successor state of former Yugoslavia, having declared independence in 1991.

Its capital, Skopje, is home to about 600 thousand people, who make up approximately a quarter of the country’s population. This article will cover gambling regulations in this country, allowing you to gamble while keeping the laws in mind.

The good news for gamblers is that gambling in Macedonia is legal and falls under government regulations. You will find several casinos in the country, most of which operate in the capital city. They offer games such as slots, roulette, and poker, creating diverse options for the market. Participating in these top casino games would be in line with government directives.

Online gaming, however, is not subject to government regulations as of yet. The government announced back in 2014 that it had plans to make online gambling a state Monopoly. Along with this announcement, the government made it clear that it had plans to block all offshore gambling websites.

The government has worked with casino Austria, an Austrian gaming corporation, in creating a local online gaming network. That does not mean that other online gaming networks are not in place, as regulations on these are yet to come into effect. Macedonians can access online gaming even from foreign sites. The future of gambling in this country is not entirely clear at the moment. Let us look into different kinds of gambling and what laws apply to them:


Playing in physical casinos is legal and falls under government regulations, given that these establishments have the necessary licenses from the authorities. Most of the casinos are in the capital city, offering games such as roulette, blackjack, slot machines, and poker.

As we covered earlier, there are plans to make online gambling a state Monopoly, but this has not come into effect. As a result, Macedonians are free to place wagers in online casinos across the globe, as long as those sites accept players from Macedonia. Finding a website that is open to Macedonian players is not an uphill task, and there are many promotions in play for new users.


It’s good news for bingo players. Whether you are playing in a bingo hall or playing in an online space, you do so, adhering to Macedonian rules.

Government regulations state that participating in bingo games is legal. Even with that, the authorities have been adamant in their goal of banning all online bingo sites. Since they are yet to put such laws into place, bingo players are free to participate in such games on sites operating worldwide.


You do not have to go online to enjoy a good Poker game, as there are many land-based casinos in the country offering this option. However, if you want to enjoy a game from your home’s comfort, you will have to rely on online poker platforms operating on offshore sites. Online gambling is unregulated. As such, any company that wants to open an online poker platform in Macedonia cannot do so as it will not get a license for this.

Players have to rely on foreign websites, hoping that the government does not make good its promise to monopolize online poker. For now, poker players can take advantage of the many sites that accept players from Macedonia, taking advantage of the bonuses that accrue from this.

Sports betting

Betting on sports is not only popular but also legal in the country, and gamblers have no problem finding bookmakers. Many land-based bookmakers operate with different companies that offer a variation in odds, giving the players a range in choices.

If you want to take your fun to another level by participating in online sports betting, you will have to do so on foreign sites. At present, there are no regulations as to online Sports betting.

The lottery

Everybody wants to win a lottery, take the cash home, and live out their dreams. Macedonians can take part in the National Lottery known as the Lotarija na Makedonija.

The lottery has been in place since 1972 and features regular draws. If you want to try your luck in other avenues, you can buy lottery tickets from foreign sites and other agents who are open to Macedonians. It does not hurt to cast your net over a broader area in the hope of taking home the jackpot.

Bitcoin gambling

There are no regulations regarding bitcoin gambling in Macedonia, and players have to rely on foreign sites for this.

The lack of regulations on online gambling is a loss to operators who would love to set up shop in Macedonia. Luckily, it does not affect the players, as they can always rely on external sites when placing wagers.

There is no telling when the government will monopolize the online gaming industry. All Macedonians can do is wait and hope that the results will be to their advantage.

Gambling regulators in Macedonia
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